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Yosemite Natl. Park – Spring

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In a world filled with so much noise and commotion, it’s common to crave separation to ease our minds. With the constant juggling of our day-to-day tasks, friends, relationships, and passions, we all just need solitude and silence.

This is when I look to the outdoors. This is a space I turn to for guidance, as I have come to realize its transformative powers. It’s a space that offers silence, solitude, and safety. On a search for a place to give me somewhat of a recalibration of my creative mind, I marked Yosemite National Park on the map.

Having been many times before, I was confident I would receive what I was yearning for.

Walking to the edges of the valley walls, I’m engulfed in the vast depth beneath my feet. Reminded by the distance to the valley floor, I’m taught again that we are insignificant in size.

The vulnerability overcomes myself quickly and my mind begins to race. Filled with anxiety and fear, I retreat to ease this feeling.

I look to other aspects of the valley to calm my energy. Through the trees, waterfalls, and beyond the delicate wisping wind, there is a noise of rejuvenation. You can hear your mind, your heartbeat, and your thoughts.

But, it remains silent.

It’s something not heard by most.

It’s a silence that differs from others.

A silence we yearn for.

The silence is loud.

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