Ventures Far From Home

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Table of Contents

Searching for a change of pace, we flew over to Spain for a break of routine  Quickly, we reconnected with friends; meet Charlie and Hayley

 Set off for a picnic

 It was to die for, besides the carton of wine

 Wandered the streets aimlessly

 found many empty plazas

 and wished to be the owner of this bike

 Took countless photos of our coffees

 …and more photos

 Enjoyed a day in the park with great company

 and ate all the samosas needed

 Then up to Brunch in the Park

 for a much-needed boogie

 We took advantage of our siestas

 then we went straight back to the wine

 Ate enough bread for the year

 and lost count of our gelato consumption (that’s a good thing, right?)  Exploring more of Spain, we ventured north to Sitges

 We explored the small town   and enjoyed a beach day

 It was stunning

 A day full of smiles

 Back in Barcelona, we enjoyed good times with old friends

 and more good times

 Oh, and we also ate more gelato  This was our favorite gelato spot, conveniently a few steps away from our front door  Sadly, we had to say bye to our temporary home and this balcony

 It was a trip to remember

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