The Beauty of Two: Using Others to Strike Motivation

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What would life be if it was only you that existed? I could write a whole novel on that, to be honest. However, that is not why I’m writing this today.

Actually, what I want to explain is, well, the exact opposite. Life with others is pure beauty and bliss. Receiving energy from something, or someone, besides yourself is what I believe to be a true driving force with a lot of mines and your accomplishments.

This week I realized how we need to remind ourselves not everything can be done alone. No matter the determination we cultivate within our mind, sometimes we just need another soul.

Sometimes, we just need two – me and you. Us and them.

Andddd, queue in the anecdote:

Earlier this week, a close friend from Austrailia reached out in regards to getting back into shooting film. Usually, one would encourage via fluffy and embellished words. However, I saw this as a moment to do something a bit different. I saw this as an opportunity to use each other as motivation overseas. Instead of typing my best words of encouragement, followed by perfectly chosen emojis to arouse true emotion (because that’s what emojis do right?), I decided to make a challenge for each other. Come two weeks, we both would send each other a full roll of developed film showcasing our recent daily lives. 

This may seem quite irrelevant to you, and I would imagine it to. However, being the thorough and processed thinker that I am, I thought around each corner of this idea. Up, down, and around, I dug deeper and deeper.

I found that what came to my realization was that it’s energizing to use those around you for motivation. It is important we realize that the time we live in is a time of collaboration. Don’t stay confined to your own mind consistently. Break that routine, and let the energy of others come forward.

I mean look how it all panned out for me – reconnecting a relationship bound between seas.

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