Inspirational keynote speaker Jordan Tarver is a bestselling author whose work has been featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, and Yahoo, among others. After turning a near-death car accident into a positive life-changing moment, he transformed his shift from living on autopilot into a practical framework to create change.


96% of people say they’re
living life on autopilot*

Why does that matter?

It has created an epidemic of disengagement and careless decision making.


As a result...

90% of adults report
living with regrets*


disengaged-based errors
cost employers $1.8 trillion
in lost productivity*


Ever since Jordan Tarver’s near-death car accident 10 years ago, he’s been on a mission to transform the conversation around change and solve the economic and societal crisis of living on autopilot.

Jordan Tarver’s action-based keynote, Seeds of Change, gives people and organizations an easy-to-use framework to maximize growth and create long-lasting positive change and transformation that extends three, six, and 12 months after the talk.

His talk is the start of continuous personal growth and organizational transformation that sets companies up to become more engaged instead of operating carelessly on autopilot and making costly mistakes that damage the bottom line. Your people will also start leading fulfilling lives they won’t regret.

Your teams will leave with...

  • A simple and practical framework to create change and transformation, both in life and business
  • An inspired perspective that change is not something to fear but accept and allow
  • Jordan’s method to reveal specific and necessary changes that drive growth
  • A plan of action to move people and organizations toward change that push the needle
  • A deep understanding of change that equips them with both the knowledge and motivation to  experience life-altering transformation