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Solo Stove Campfire: The Best Wood Burning Camping Stove

solo stove campfire review

Table of Contents

Solo Stove Campfire


Design & Size


Easy to Clean


Smoke Elimination



  • Lightweight design
  • Cooks for 4+ people
  • Low smoke


  • Only burns small pieces of wood or twigs
  • Doesn't use propane or butane
  • Too small to use as a fire pit

The Solo Stove Campfire is Solo Stove’s largest camp stove and is designed to cook for four or more people at one time. It’s extremely portable as it only weighs 2.2 pounds, making it a solid cooking solution for your next camping trip. What’s more, this 304 stainless steel camping stove is only 7″ tall by 9.25″ wide. While it doesn’t take propane like your typical camping stove, you’ll be able to start and keep your fire going with sticks, twigs, and pine cones.

If you’re looking for a smaller camping stove, Solo Stove has you covered with the Titan and Lite. Both of these have the same design as the Campfire but surprisingly weigh significantly less.

Is it Worth the Money?

For only $100, this is an easy buy if you’re in the market for a camping stove that cooks for at least four people. Plus, you’ll save money on propane as you’ll be able to collect small pieces of wood and twigs while you’re camping to start your fire. In my honest opinion, if you’re okay with the inconvenience a non-propane camping stove may provide, this would be a solid purchase.

Solo Stove Campfire Benefits

  1. Cooks for at least four people: The Campfire works well with pots and pans up to about eight inches, including Solo Stove’s two pot set and Pot 4000 (more on that down below). Pots and pans of this size will allow you to cook for groups of four or more people.
  2. Lightweight and durable design: Solo Stove has truthfully nailed down its compact design. Coming in at less than 2.5 pounds, taking your Campfire on the road with you will be a breeze. Plus, you can store it away in its stuff sack when you’re done using it.
  3. Low smoke: No one wants to cook dinner while getting blasted with smoke in their face, and Solo Stove understands that. The Campfire’s low-smoke design will keep your cooking experience smokeless and your clothes free of the musty and sticky campfire smell.

Solo Stove Campfire Drawbacks

  1. Burns wood instead of propane: Most common camping stoves use propane or butane, which makes cooking quick and easy. However, with the Campfire from Solo Stove, you’ll have to use small pieces of wood and twigs to keep your fire going.
  2. Potential rust issues: Some customers have complained about rust issues after having their Campfire for an extended period of time. As long as you store it away properly in its bag when you’re through with cooking, you should be able to avoid this issue.
  3. Only fits small pieces of wood: Unlike other stoves from Solo Stove, the Campfire can only fit small pieces of wood. This shouldn’t act as your nightly fire pit. Instead, consider the Bonfire if you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit.

Want to Upgrade Your Campfire? Use These Accessories

AccessoryBest ForCost
Solo Stove TripodHanging a 2 Pot Set on to enjoy more cooking possibilities$33
Solo Stove 2 Pot SetCooking on your Solo Stove Campfire$60

The Solo Stove Campfire can be made better with a couple of upgrades. Solo Stove offers both its 2 Pot Set and Tripod to unlock more cooking capabilities. The 2 Pot Set is compact and nests inside one another when you’re not using it, making for easy storage. This stainless steel cooking setup has a 101 fl. oz (or 3 L) pot and a 51 fl. oz (or 1.5L) pan. The Tripod, on the other hand, lets you hang your pot over your fire and even has a chain that lets you adjust how high your pot hangs. Both of these Solo Stove accessories can upgrade your Campfire to the next level.

Solo Stove Campfire vs Titan vs Lite

Solo StoveCooks ForWeightDimensonsCost
Campfire4+ people2.2 lbs7" x 9.25"$100
Titan2 to 4 people16.5 oz5.1" x 7.9"$80
Lite1 to 2 people9 oz4.25" x 5.7"$70

Solo Stove offers three different sizes of their cooking stoves: the Campfire, Titan, and Lite. The Campfire is the largest of the bunch and the Lite is the smallest, leaving the Titan as the middle child. Although these sizes vary, the design and functionality stay consistent across each cooking stove. The main difference between the three stoves is how many people they can typically cook for. The right one for you is typically one that lets you cook for the right amount of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What pot works best with the Solo Stove Campfire?

Solo Stove’s 2 Pot Set works best with the Solo Stove Campfire. It’s small, compact, and lightweight. Plus, when you’re done using it, the pot and pan fit nicely into each other, which makes for easy storing.

2. What other accessories work with the Solo Stove Campfire?

Solo Stoves 3 Pot Set, Tripod, and Firesteel are all great additions to the Campfire. While it’s not necessary to buy Solo Stove-branded accessories, it does guarantee they will work well with their other products.

3. How do I clean and store my stove?

Once your fire is done and your stove cools off, turn it upside down and shake out the ashes. Put it in its stuff sack and store it in a cool, dry place until you want to use it again.

Bottom Line

My Solo Stove Campfire review is an honest take on one of Solo Stove’s cooking solutions, which I’ve used on my own adventures. This stove is extremely compact and portable, making it extremely easy to bring camping or on your next road trip. While it’s not as convenient as a propane stove, there’s something nostalgic about cooking over an open fire.

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