Get Unstuck, Find Your Path, and Become the Best Version of Yourself
The viral, global bestselling self-help book you probably saw taking over TikTok.
“You Deserve This Sh!t serves as a good (and gentle) kick in the ass to just shut up, stop procrastinating and making excuses, and start realizing your dreams already. The book is well-organized, earnest and—most importantly—not boring.”
“One of the best books I’ve read. Straight to the point, concise, and clear. I've read so many self-development books like The Compound Effect, Can't Hurt Me, The Power of Now, and Think and Grow Rich, and this one is up there if not better.”
“If you feel stuck in any way, this book is the one to read. I was feeling so stuck in my everyday life. I read it and moved to a new state a few months later, changed my career, and couldn’t be happier. This book was my guide to do the things I was once afraid to do.”
“Last summer I had a mental breakdown. At one point, I couldn’t form a sentence. I was stressed, exhausted, and I wasn’t feeling excited about where things were going. This book helped me find a breath of fresh air. Six months later, I’m still using some of the recommendations Jordan lays out.”
“This book is outstanding!! I’ve been on a self-help discovery journey for the last two years and this book lands on my top five list!! There are so many actionable steps that I’ve already brought improvement to my life, growth, and healing!!!! You have to read this book!!”
“This book found me at the perfect time when I needed a “pick me up.” Jordan feels like an encouraging best friend steady at your side throughout the entire book. I felt motivated, lighter, seen, and heard whenever I was reading.”
“Couldn't put the book down. Super catchy. Good vibes, easy to understand, and relatable. I haven't read a book in years, and this book made me want to keep reading.”
“What an amazing book. This book is a staple that you can always come back too when you have moments in your life where you feel stuck and need that extra motivation to break out.”
  • Get Unstuck
  • Find your path
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Feel less alone on your journey
  • Step into your power
  • Wake up feeling motivated and inspired
  • Develop crystal clear clarity
  • Take complete ownership of your life
Find out why self-discovery is the most crucial journey to take and what the cost would be if you didn’t.
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Meet the Author
After surviving a traumatic car accident 10 years ago, I had to make a decision that would define my future. I could take ownership and change my life, or I could let my lack of ownership keep me stuck on autopilot. I chose to take ownership, and my unyielding determination led me to overcome adversity.
Through a series of repeatable and easy-to-implement shifts, I went from feeling stuck and living on autopilot into a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. These simple shifts led to a practical, step-by-step framework that I share in this book to help you get unstuck, find your path, and become the best version of yourself.
While it took a brush with death to wake me up, I don’t want you to have to almost die to learn the same crucial lessons. That’s why I’m excited to have the opportunity to help you on your journey, and I can’t wait for you to dig into this transformative book.

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