Instant Impact: You Deserve a Bright Future

Jordan Tarver
September 29, 2022

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Four Ideas


The future is non-existent because when you experience it, you will experience it in the present moment. This means the future is purely a projection of what you make it to be.

You can free yourself from the fear of uncertainty by designing a life you enjoy in the present moment so you can ensure when the future arrives, it's one worth living.


You are a part of something much larger than yourself.

You are a part of the collective, which means your actions and behaviors not only impact you, but they also impact those around you—your family, friends, and loved ones.

The things you choose to do will have an infinite ripple effect, even if you don't see how your choices play out.

I want you to ask yourself a crucial question: What am I doing and how is it impacting the people around me? What can I do to make sure the ripple effect I create is one of positive influence?


The pain from building your dream life is far less painful than the regret you’ll feel on your deathbed for not doing so.


After a life-threatening car crash, these are the 10 principles I now live by:

  1. Kindness is free, so give out as much as possible
  2. Give generously without keeping score
  3. If it doesn’t align with my purpose and values, I'm not doing it
  4. Judgment from others is noise I cannot hear
  5. Live in the moment because you’ll never know when your last will be
  6. Start every day with gratitude and end every night with positive aspects
  7. Do what you love and love what you do
  8. Put something of yourself in everything you do
  9. Have a desire to make decisions that make you feel good
  10. Don't regret anything on your deathbed

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Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
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