Instant Impact: We All Fear This... (Inside)

Jordan Tarver
November 23, 2021

This newsletter was originally sent on September 23, 2021.

Hey there,

It's officially Fall! The leaves are turning here in Seattle and the weather is getting crisp. Fall season is exciting here and feels different than past experiences. It didn't always feel like this in California. My theory is that CA skips a few seasons and just goes Spring > Summer > Spring, but the jury is still out on that one.

Let's get into the thick of it.

Four Ideas


Your goals create a roadmap and effective habits create the vehicle that follows that map. Without both, you'll always come up short.

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Your first steps toward achieving something might feel small, but it only takes one domino to fall to knock the rest down.


What you do on a daily basis shapes your identity.

If you want to be proud of who you are, do things that fulfill you.


The person you want to become is waiting for you to overcome your fear of change.

You Deserve This Quote

A quote from my new book, You Deserve This Sh!t:

"You are not meant to stay the same for your entire life. You are meant to evolve. You are meant to level up. You are meant to continuously grow into the best version of yourself. You are meant to discover new opportunities, chase them, and let them bring you to your next stepping stone."

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