Instant Impact: Whoops, I made a mistake…

Jordan Tarver
September 15, 2023

Wow, this week got away from me! We're getting married a week from today (!!!!), and I’ve been admittedly overwhelmed and consumed by work and all things wedding planning. So much so that I forgot to send my newsletter yesterday. The joys of being a human—imperfect!

Thank you for your patience and for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Your words say who you are, but your actions prove it.


Not enough people talk about how change is exhausting.

Not enough people talk about how change involves grief.

Not enough people talk about how change starts with self-awareness, not action.

Not enough people talk about how remaining the same is painful.

Not enough people talk about change, so it’s time to… change that.

Mark this as the beginning of a new conversation around change—a conversation rooted in belief, inspiration, expansion, and empowerment.


When you let go, you create space for magic and miracles.

You don’t need to be in control to attract good fortune. In fact, it’s harder to attract it when you’re grasping onto life too tight.

What would happen if you had faith in the universe?


Start your day with gratitude to wire the voice in your head with positivity.

Jordan Tarver
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