Instant Impact: You Deserve a Meaningful Life

Jordan Tarver
September 15, 2022

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Four Ideas


Although a large part of our society uses purpose and passion interchangeably, they are not interchangeable.

While your purpose is the reason you do something, your passions are the activities and hobbies that make you feel fulfilled.

Think of it this way, your passions are the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, and your purpose is the gas that motivates you to keep moving forward.

For example, my purpose is not writing; writing is one of my passions. My purpose is to heal people through my creativity. This is the reason why I write—the gas that moves my vehicle (writing) forward.


Some people live a meaningful life by doing one thing and others live a meaningful life doing the exact opposite.

The moral of the story? There is no such thing as this is how it's done. Do what enables you to be your best version.


Your core values represent what you believe to be most important in your life. Identifying, honoring, and representing your core values helps flood your life with fulfillment and alignment through value-driven actions and decisions.

Living without them, however, is to live with no understanding of what a successful and meaningful life is to you.


What people think success requires:

  • Talent
  • Hard work
  • Struggle

What success actually requires:

  • Small actions
  • Consistency
  • Patience

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