Instant Impact: You Deserve to Achieve Your Goals

Jordan Tarver
November 24, 2021

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Four Ideas


Setting intentions enhances your emotional energy and mindset, which then has a positive impact on your physical energy—the way you act. When you focus on being intentional, you'll inspire actions that let you live with purpose, achieve your goals, and become the person you dream of being.

However, if you avoid an intentional life, you risk becoming someone who's unaligned with their most authentic self.


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When you avoid taking a risk that has a potential reward, you vote against your self-confidence.

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When you write down a specific plan, such as when and where something will happen, you immediately increase the likelihood of it happening.

Don't believe me? Well, Peter Gollwitzer, an NYU professor, ran a study to show how your intentions play a role in achieving your goals. His student were asked to set two goals for the upcoming Christmas break. Half of the students were then asked to write down specific action steps while the others were not.

This study found that of the students who wrote down an action plan, two thirds of them achieved their goal. Most of those who did not write down a plan, or set intentions, failed.

Moral of the story? Stop keeping everything in your head thinking you're going to get it done.


Pain is an indicator of growth, as long as you're willing to push through. Onward.

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