Instant Impact: You Deserve What You Desire

Jordan Tarver
October 13, 2022

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Four Ideas


One of the hardest lessons I've had to learn is that everyone doesn't share the same values or hold the same level of importance to shared values.

For example, while you may value communication in a relationship, others may not value it as much as you or at all.

Knowing this can help you understand your relationships better and not feel let down if someone doesn't hold a value to the same level as you.


Most people never ask for what they want in life because they’re afraid to get rejected. But often, good things come from simply asking for what you want.


Don't buy into the negative voice in your head.

Observe and become aware of when the voice is talking and you will notice that it is not you.


A quote from my new ebook, Pursuit of Purpose:

"Self-limiting beliefs are nothing but smoke and mirrors. They are false beliefs disguised as distorted truths derived from old stories, outdated conceptions, and assumptions about yourself, others, the world, and life that limit you from doing what you desire.

Self-limiting beliefs become invisible mental ropes that keep you tied to a post—stuck."

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