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Jordan Tarver
November 30, 2023

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)! We spent the week down at my in-laws in California, and it was so nice to be with family and get some time in the warm sun. Now we’re back in the 30-40-degree weather, romanticizing the end of fall and the beginning of winter.

I’ve been getting settled back into my routine this week and finding my creative flow. This is good because I’ve been working on the biggest project of my life for the last 1.5 years, and I’m getting ready to launch it in January! I CAN’T wait to show you what I’ve been working on. I’m revealing a bit of it on Instagram on Monday, so be sure to follow me there to be in the know 🙂

P.S. Need a laugh? Check out the Something to Make You Laugh section near the bottom.

Thank you for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Life begins when you stop reacting to it and start shaping it with conscious intent through intentional choices.


What if you embraced how far you’ve come instead of resenting how far you have to go?

You’ve done a lot to get to where you are right now. Take a moment and feel gratitude for all that you’ve done for yourself ❤️


When you choose change and make small shifts that align with the person you want to become, you plant seeds of possibility that blossom into a better future.


A poem I wrote last week:

Remember when the butterflies started to flare?
I was slowly becoming aware
That it was something magical, I swear

Remember when our eyes caught their stare?
It was a moment that felt rare
I’m so glad it was soft, not a glare

Remember when our lips pressed in the ocean air?
My hands running through your hair
Oh what I would do to be there

Remember when we really started to care?
We were slowly becoming a pair
And a soon-to-be answered prayer

Remember when the butterflies started to flare?
When our lips pressed in the ocean air?
When we really started to care?
I’m so glad those are memories we get to share

Something to Make You Smile😂

Introducing my first license photo…


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