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Instant Impact: The Secret to Loving Your Life

Tomorrow is very exciting day…

It’s the official launch of my new ebook and workbook, Pursuit of Purpose: Find Your Purpose In 30 DaysI invested $10,000 and spent over a year developing an ultimate how-to guide that reveals the exact steps to find your purpose and figure out what you should do with your life.

You’ll get an ebook, fillable workbook, audiobook, access to a private community of other readers, and over 200 pages of content spilling all the deets. There’s nothing like this on the market. You can learn more about in at the bottom of this email.

In celebration of the launch tomorrow, today’s 4 ideas are quotes directly from the book.

Thank you for your support and for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Because the negative beliefs you have about yourself and life as a whole make it significantly challenging to live life to the fullest, it’s crucial to identify your self-limiting beliefs, rewire those stories, and create positive beliefs about yourself.

Of course, only do this if you want to set yourself free.


Living without core values is to live with no understanding of what a successful and meaningful life is to you.

Without this understanding, you initiate a lack of clarity because you have no system that informs how to be intentional with your energy.

Choosing to not identify your core values is choosing to make unintentional decisions that take you further away from a life that revolves around your purpose.


I’ve come to understand that it’s the ability to drop your ego and harness a willingness to learn more about yourself that enables you to find direction, meaning, and clarity in life.

The continuous unearthing of your truth creates a path toward an ever-evolving understanding of your life’s purpose.


The best time to find your purpose was yesterday, and the next best time is right now.

Jordan Tarver
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