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Instant Impact: Ignoring This Kills Your Inspiration Forever

The energy has been buzzzzingggggg! I just started an Instagram broadcast channel, The Inspire Wire ⚡️, where I’m sharing exclusive content to help you believe in yourself and behind-the-scenes updates on new projects I’m working on (new book????). This is your personal invitation! Join for free here 🙂

P.S. Need a laugh? Check out the Something to Make You Laugh. This week, a meme about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 😂

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Four Ideas


What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s such a dreamy question to ask an 8-year-old. I wanted to be a professional baseball player, a firefighter, or an astronaut—I wanted to go to the moon!

But now that I’m older and now that I’m wiser, I don’t really want to be something—I want to feel something. I want to feel love. I want to feel peace. I want to feel purpose. I want to feel happiness. I want to feel support. I want to feel confident.

I want to feel being a human.

Maybe my 8-year-old self wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon, but now I just want to feel everything I know my 8-year-old self needed most.

That feels like a luxury.


You cannot decide when inspiration shows up in your life. It comes and goes unannounced and never tells you how long it will stay and how long it will take to return.

When you feel the lightning strike and a nudge to go after something greater than yourself, run with the inspiration until it’s gone. Handle it with care and do everything you can to wring out every bit of buzz while it’s here.

While you can’t decide when inspiration shows up, you can choose to take action when it does. But if you wait too long, you risk missing the strike.


What if today was the day the miracle you’ve been waiting for happens? What if today was the day it all fell into place? What if today was the day it all worked out?

Imagine that… because today just might be that day.


Don’t give up because you never know if you’re three feet away from gold.

Something to Make You Laugh 😂

Idk if you’re following the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce story, but I saw this meme yesterday of Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, and had a reallllllly good laugh.

Jordan Tarver
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