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Jordan Tarver
November 24, 2021

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Hey there,

Exciting news! I'm officially a coach on a mobile app (called Uloo) that's dedicated to your personal growth journey. I'll be running exclusive challenges to help you access more of your life and step into your power.

Imagine yourself living as your most authentic version and the happiness that would flood your life. Give me 7 days and I'll help you reveal and become your most authentic version. Let me prove it to you for free.

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Four Ideas


Setting intentions puts purpose behind your actions, helping you align with your values and goals. The intentions you set demonstrate your commitment to taking action and showing up in the world as the person you want to be.

By setting no intentions, you risk living a life that's unaligned with your most authentic version and losing a sense of direction.

Imagine yourself living like that—deflating, to say the least.

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If you crave certain results but can't seem to satisfy them, be honest with yourself about your work ethic. Are you putting in enough effort?

When you put in half-assed work, you get half-assed results.


How often do you go back and fourth between doubt and self-confidence?

The truth is, you'll run around that same hamster wheel until you realize your self-confidence is directly correlated to your mindset.

So the more time you invest in developing a positive mindset, the more moments of self-confidence and less moments of self-doubt you'll experience.

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How much more time are you going to spend making yourself not a priority? How much longer are you going to wait to start your personal growth journey?

Take this as your sign that it's time to work toward becoming your most authentic version.

Join me in a free 7-day challenge, starting Nov. 15, and I'll help you reveal and become your most authentic version. Free.

You Deserve This Quote

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