1-1-1: Secret To Unlocking Personal Freedom

Jordan Tarver
May 9, 2024

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One Thing to Help You Grow

Flow like water.

We live in a world where change will never go away, yet people think they can avoid it by resisting it.

Although you may think resisting change frees you from the discomfort it brings, in the end, resistance creates more discomfort because it makes you feel like change is happening to you, not for you.

What would happen if you choose change instead of resisting it?

When you choose change, you become the force of it instead of feeling forced to change. You understand that change is not a roadblock but a roadmap to a better future defined by possibilities, growth, and personal freedom.

Just like water flows down a river, you can flow through life by choosing change.

Flow like water.


One Thing to Help You Smile

I never had to look far to find my heroes.

I'm the youngest of four, and we're all two years apart. While we all know youngest siblings are absolutely the best (😉), I had a lot to learn. Fortunately, I was surrounded by two loving parents and three siblings.

In April, I was hanging out with my oldest sibling, Evan, and I had the chance to tell him that he's always been one of my heroes and mentors. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. I copied his every move. I'm not kidding, either.

He went to college in Southern California; I went to college in Southern California. He joined a fraternity; I joined a fraternity. He got a finance degree; I got a finance degree. He became a professional writer; I became a professional writer.

But it wasn't just him, everyone in my family was a mentor to me growing up.

My mom taught me kindness and care.

My dad taught me integrity and passion.

My brother Evan helped pave my path by simply paving his own.

My sister Lauren showed me the importance of self-expression. (And behind every cool guy is an even cooler sister.)

My brother Bryan inspired a lot of my writing and intellect.

I feel like I have a little piece of all of them in me.

When I told Evan what he's done for me as an older sibling, I realized one thing:

I never had to look far to find my heroes.


One Thing to Help You Believe

You are resilient.

You've overcome every single challenge you've faced in your life up until this point.

This is proof that you can overcome the next one that stands in your way.

Believe in your resiliency.

Jordan Tarver

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