1-1-1: Ask This One Life-Changing Question

Jordan Tarver
May 30, 2024

Wow, well, I'm a functioning human again. I got hit with the worst bug/illness last week and over the weekend. I spent three days on the couch. At first, I was frustrated, but then I realized it was the universe's way of making me take a break because I wouldn't take one myself.

It turned out to be a legit spiritual experience. Because I finally found some stillness (involuntarily), I could hear messages and receive lessons I needed now more than ever.

If you're going a million miles per hour like I was, this is your invitation to take a day or two to slow down. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the progress you'll make.

Thank you for reading this week!

One Thing to Help You Grow

A large part of your growth depends on how you choose to respond to setbacks and challenges.

When you're up against something that feels hard, ask yourself, "Who do I need to become to overcome this?"

That's one of the most transformative questions you can ask yourself.


One Thing to Help You Smile

One thing to help you smile? How about five?

1) Dancing to your favorite song like it's your first time hearing it
2) Stopping to smell the roses (literally)
3) Asking someone if you can pet their dog
4) Singing in your car like you're a rockstar
5) Watching this video 😂


One Thing to Help You Believe

I will admit that life, at times, can feel hard. However, that does not mean you can't do the hard things life asks of you.

People have been overcoming "hard" for thousands of years. Let them be proof that you, too, are more than capable.

Jordan Tarver

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