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Jordan Tarver
March 31, 2022

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Four Ideas


Living a life without a clear defined purpose is like trying to go on a hike for the first time without a map. Good luck getting to your desired destination.


Discipline and consistency are the secret ingredients to progress. Your discipline lets you show up even on the days you don't feel motivated.

If you rely on motivation to take action, your actions will be far and few between because motivation does not knock on your door every morning.

Stop thinking you need to feel motivated to live your life and start building a habit of discipline.


When you take the time to honor yourself and create "me time," you give yourself an opportunity to infuse your life with self-love.


Oftentimes, you struggle not because you are physically incapable but because the negative self-limiting beliefs in your head make you believe you are incapable.

Identify your self-limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering core beliefs—positive "I am" statements that are the reverse of your negative beliefs.

For example, "I'm not enough" becomes "I am more than enough."

Use your new empowering core beliefs as your morning affirmations.

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