1-1-1: Create Inner Peace & Stop Feeling The Pressure Of The World

Jordan Tarver
March 21, 2024

Happy spring!!! It's wild that it's already spring! The cherry blossoms are popping out here in Seattle. However, we got teased with a weekend of sun and 70-degree weather. Now we're back to our seven days of gloom. But I'm grateful that we made it through winter!

I hope you're having a great week and start to your spring! My wife put out a free intention-setting meditation for the spring equinox. Check it out if you want to manifest some juicy things this spring 🙂

Thank you for reading this week!

Something to Help You Grow

How to (easily) create inner peace and stop feeling the pressure of the world.

The world you live in is constantly changing, whether that's the economy, your job, the people you spend time with, or your daily lifestyle. It can be overwhelming because it feels like you don’t have control.

But you don’t need to have control to create inner peace and stop feeling the pressure of the world. Trying to control too much is what creates your suffering because if things don’t go your way, you feel inner chaos instead of inner peace.

So then the question is, how can you stop gripping onto life so hard so you can free yourself?

1) Release resistance: When you resist the change around you, you make your experience more painful. You’ll eventually have to face the change, and resisting it only makes change more uncomfortable for longer. Instead, release resistance and be proactive.

2) Choose to surrender: Let go of how you think things should be. When you surrender your life to the Universe, you create space for miracles. This letting go is the fastest way to free yourself from the pressure of the world.

3) Trust the plan: Thinking your plan is better than the Universe’s plan is a disservice to your destiny. When you release resistance and surrender, you align with what belongs to you. Trust the Universe's plan and meet your inner peace.


Something to Help You Smile

Do you cringe when you feel like you're becoming your parents? You see their mannerisms or tendencies in yourself, and you're like, "No, no, no, nooo!!!"

Well, I'm over here raising my hand because that's exactly how I was—keyword, "was."

I had an epiphany recently that completely shifted my perspective about this, and I'm so glad it did. I realized I get to carry a piece of them with me forever. Now I wouldn’t trade being like my parents for the world.

Here's a video that will inspire you:

Click here to smile 🙂


Something to Help You Believe

Hope is not enough. Hope is just a wish.

When you hope something will happen, you leave room for it not to happen.

"Omg, I hope this happens" is another way of saying, "Part of me thinks this isn't going to happen."

Instead, we need to move from hope to belief.

When you believe in something, you have 100% faith that it will happen regardless of the circumstances.

Instead of saying, "I hope this happens," say, "I believe this will happen." The more we speak about belief versus hope, the more we wire our minds to believe.

A simple shift in your self-talk is all that it takes.


Jordan Tarver

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