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Jordan Tarver
March 10, 2022

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Four Ideas


Through my experience, I’ve come to understand that it’s your ability to drop your ego and harness a willingness to learn more about yourself that enables you to find direction, meaning, and clarity in life. The continuous unearthing of your truth creates a path toward an ever-evolving understanding of and connection to your life's purpose.


Spend less time contemplating to start and more time being grateful that you're done making excuses that hold you back from your inner potential.


Here's what no one is telling you about purpose and passion—until now.

Your purpose is not your job title or occupation. Your purpose is the reason you get out of bed every morning.

Your passions are not your purpose. Your passions are the activities and hobbies you do that help you reveal and fulfill your purpose.

Think of it this way: Your passions are the vehicle and your purpose is the gas that gets you going.

Invest time in discovering both.


If you didn't fear judgment or disapproval, what you do with your life?

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