Stop Letting Life Go By So Fast

Jordan Tarver
June 25, 2016

Quick Takes:

  • Appreciate the ability to converse and its beauty
  • Removal of routine can teach valuable qualities
  • Stop, breathe, and realize your surroundings; life is too fast

Eventually we will all be old, but we will have the best stories to tell. The journeys on which we embarked and the adventures that we cherish, will build a plethora of the most absolute rewarding moments we could ever imagine. Life is set at a pace that is so quick and rapid, that if we don't take the time to slow it down, we will miss out on the beauty of the small aspects that we may not believe will make an impact on our direct happiness. I apologize for the honesty and truth; it’s a little bit jarring sometimes, but that is just how things are going to be for now, and forever.

As I continue my explorations around the world, experiencing the most amazing culture shock I have to yet encounter, there are aspects of life that I have believed were irrelevant until now. And I suspect these aspects are most likely flying right past your life, causing you to miss their importance and beauty. I'm here to explain, and express to you my thoughts that have been filling my life for the last week. Thoughts that caused me to realize while traveling the world two important aspects of my life that I’ve been missing. So, sit tight, grab a beer, kick those feet up, and let me open your eyes to my developed thoughts that hopefully will have a lasting impact on how you view the small, but nevertheless, important things in life.

The Idea of Conversation is Going Unnoticed

Every single day I express my thoughts with another, you express your thoughts with another, and as a whole we all express our thoughts. Every day people across the world engage in an infinite number of conversations. It can be an argument, an agreement, a belief, a somber story, or a moment of praise; what I am trying to get across is that conversation is an aspect in our life that occurs every single day. It is an aspect of life that I believe is being looked over for its beauty and the importance it holds as we adventure throughout our day, or especially adventure around the world. And as I have been adventuring around the world, something in my brain clicked. Boom. An understanding. An understanding of this, what most people would think to be a small and irrelevant portion of our individual lives.

Let me give you an example, as arrived in Eastern Europe, I had the biggest culture shock I have encountered. People weren't speaking English, signs didn't serve their purpose of directing me, and I was confused. I was in a place that didn't use English. So, unfortunately, I couldn't converse with anyone who was surrounding me, nor could I read. Well I can read, I just can't read German. This is when I encountered that initial realization. The realization that intrigued me to write my thoughts down and have the excitement to share them with you. Yeah you, you right there, the one that I hope is actually kicking their feet up and drinking a beer while reading this, because you deserve it.

I realized that this is something I have overlooked my entire life until this point. Something that I can say I miss while I continue to explore on this journey.  Being able to converse with another human being and express your passions in life and listen to their amazing stories is something I believe many people take for granted, because I know I have taken it for granted. The beauty behind hearing about the path someone has gone down compared to the path of life you personally have endured is something that needs to be appreciated more. However, although I do miss this and I have taken the idea of conversation for granted, I have come away with something positive, an eye-opening thought. Conversation is not just something that requires words of the same language. Now I am experiencing that conversations usually executed through words are now conversations presented through gestures and pure emotions. And that, my friend, is the complete beauty of the idea of conversation that we overlook, and take for granted, every day.

Removal of Routine

Secondly, there is another aspect missing from my life. An aspect that I love, and one that I strongly utilize. That, my friend, is the simple word that sets a structure to our life: routine. There is no such thing as a routine in this traveling world, in this on-the-go lifestyle. So, if you're thinking of traveling, I hope you are ready to let go. I have simply encountered the removal of a daily routine. Every day is different. It is nothing like planning to go to your 9-5 desk job every week, or attending your college courses. Each day you are embarking on a new adventure which in turn presents new challenges that you must adapt to overcome.

Although this may sound like a turnoff, or a negative part of this lifestyle, I do believe the lessons you learn living an unstructured life have their benefits. You are gifted with new abilities, new qualities that will lead you to prospering in the unfamiliar situations you cross through tour the rest of your life. You are gifted the ability to adapt. You are gifted the ability to realize and seize every opportunity at hand, allowing you to capitalize on different situations. You are gifted the ability to simply enjoy life, and feel absolutely alive.


We were born to explore, to adventure, and to live. As we experience our lives, there are so many aspects that go unnoticed. We continue to find want is important to us at heart as we gain knowledge of who we really are. We must explore through life with an open mind to understand the importance of the small things, which sometimes may turn out to be those that we end up appreciating the most. I encourage you to go out and adventure with an open mind. The world is here. The world is beautiful. The world is yours. So, what are you waiting for?


Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
He’s transformed over 30,000 lives through his book, amassed more than 200,000 devoted followers, and garnered over 60 million views online. Jordan is on a mission to empower people and organizations to unlock exponential growth and expansive possibilities.

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