Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Jordan Tarver
July 9, 2016

Quick Takes:

  • Find a purpose within your passions
  • Live with an open mind, and accept new perspectives
  • Be excited to get out of your comfort zone

So, what do you want to do with your life? Actually, what do you want from life? Tough question, huh? But, I'm sure you get it all the time. I'm not one hundred percent sure what I want. You may agree, no one is one hundred percent sure what they truly want from life. However, each and every one of us has love for something deep down, whether we have discovered it or not. Don't feel worried if you have yet to find that one aspect of life you have endless love for, it will come. No, I'm not talking about a significant other; I'm talking about a talent, a passion that is pure. A passion that will lead us down the right path if we pursue its purpose. A path that provides rich happiness, which in turn will eventually bring great success. However, it is important that we understand the thought process of how a passion can lead to happiness and which can lead to success involves something much more. This realization comes with our outlook on life. More importantly, it comes with the development of our perception on life.

I Finally Understand What Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Can Do!

I get it. I've stepped outside my comfort zone, finally. And I understand the benefits it can add to your life. I know I've touched on the point of stepping outside of your comfort zone in an earlier blog, but during that time I didn't truly understand what it could do for me. I knew that something positive would come out of it, but didn't realize that the outcome would be something of this matter. I thought maybe I would gain new qualities. I thought maybe I would become a completely different individual. I thought maybe there was a chance I would become fluent in a new language. Kidding, but I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. I thought the outcome would be ever so drastic. Well, I guess it was, but in a different way than I expected. It was a matter of discovery, and I'm here to encourage you to really get out of that comfort zone of yours. Ultimately, to discover and seize its benefits.

As the saying goes, you don't know what you have until it's gone. That's about as cliché as it gets. But hey, it's the truth. Well, it's especially true whilst embarking on a journey of a lifetime. A very long journey of a lifetime. You are forced to let go of those aspects which bring you the most happiness and joy. The ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. The ones you experience in your "comfort zone." And for a second, you'll forget about all the things in life that bring you happiness because you're so caught up in this new world around you, that you don't even have time to reflect on those aspects. However, there comes a time within a journey when you may hit a wall, or as I like to describe it a "rut."

From first-hand experience, it happened to me when I hit my two week mark. I was exhausted. I felt unmotivated. I thought, "Why keep going?" Then it happened, I started to reflect on all those things in life that lifted me up. All the activities that made me feel motivated, hungry to keep going. I finally had a realization that demonstrated how important some parts of my life are to me. But, it took until a moment like this for me to realize that. A moment where I was outside my comfort zone, but this time it wasn't enjoyable. I was searching for any type of positive energy to drive me forward. I began to miss all those aspects that were part of my life before I began this journey. I was wishing I could have all those aspects at my disposal right then and there because they set fire within me. They are the drivers of my life. It made me realize the amount of passion I have for nature, for the ocean, for photography, and, recently, for writing.

What I am ultimately trying to tell you, and prove to you, is that if we are brave enough to step outside our normal comfort zone, we will begin to realize all the things in life that we truly have a strong passion for. It reveals the aspects we most need to lift us up, to allow us to feel motivated as we search for positive energy in times we feel like we are in a rut. With this realization, came a new outlook on life. A new perspective that involves a vision of finding a purpose within your passions to lead to happiness and success.

Here, I Will Allow You To Explore My Perspective

Perspective: blah blah blah blah blah. We all have different perspectives on life. However, sometimes they aren't the most advertised parts of our life. But when they are shared, the issue at hand is people are reluctant to change their perspective when presented with new information. Change is difficult for some people, especially if it has to do with changing the way they perceive their entire life. However, on my journey I've learned that an open mind is important as you are experiencing many new cultures. You are constantly experiencing change, and it is easier to accept when going through life with an open mind.

Learning about my true passions on this journey, and the amount of happiness and energy they bring me, has changed my perspective on life. It has changed for the better. I have developed a new vision that solely revolves around finding a purpose with your passion. I've begun to think if your passions result in the most happiness and joy, why wouldn't we follow them throughout out life? These are the things I finally realize I want to dedicate my time to. It baffles me that it took me this many years to realize that what I really want from life is to follow my greatest passions to reach the realm of "success." However, within this new vision and perspective, what will allow me to reach that realm of success is happiness. As Evan Tarver once said, "happiness = success," and not vice versa. Yet again, that is just how I see life now through my lens. Through my newly developed perspective.

I am not here to persuade you to agree with my perspective with hopes you will live the life that I find to work best with me. I do, however, believe it's refreshing to read about another's visions as it may spark something new within. With that, I am here to simply share with you what I've recently had my mind opened to. I'm here to express my perspective since there is a lack thereof in today's world.


Passions. Comfort zone. Vision. Perspective. Are you tired of reading those words? Because I'm almost tired of writing them. So, I'll stop there. No more! Well maybe in the future, but not in this entry, sorry. Overall, I hope after reading my thoughts something new in your mind has been revealed to you. Or maybe this helped you decide that what you have in life now is ultimately what you want forever. Whatever these ideas did cause in your train of thought (no pun intended, but I'm on a train to the Swiss Alps), I hope you can walk away with something positive; something that will drive you further in life through excitement to achieve something great.


Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
He’s transformed over 30,000 lives through his book, amassed more than 200,000 devoted followers, and garnered over 60 million views online. Jordan is on a mission to empower people and organizations to unlock exponential growth and expansive possibilities.

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