Do you want change to be your greatest setback or
Lead Beyond Adversity
Unlocking Resilience ​​to Lead Teams Through Unprecedented Change and Transform Disruption Into Profitable Growth
In the age of disruption, leaders are facing unprecedented change, but they’re relying on outdated leadership strategies that leave them feeling like victims and strip their organizations of its competitive edge.

While resilience is the antidote to adversity, a SAS report shows that while 97% of executives believe resilience is critical, 46% of leaders lack it. As a result, leaders resist the change required to lead beyond adversity and steer their teams toward paralyzing stress and endless fatigue, decreasing team efficacy.

A new era of leadership, built on resilience and choosing change, must emerge to thrive and turn these turbulent times into an opportunity for exponential growth.
Jordan Tarver is a bestselling author, change expert, and Forbes lead finance editor who empowers leaders through his three-step “Choose Change” framework to leverage adversity as the catalyst for growth, transformation, and freedom.

In Jordan’s “Lead Beyond Adversity” experience, he reveals his actionable framework and a new, transformative way of leadership that moves leaders from feeling like victims of change to becoming the force of it. 

Attendees will learn tools that build high-performing, resilient leaders who unlock team performance, skyrocket employee engagement, and create profitable growth.

  • Develop resilient leadership skills: Embrace groundbreaking leadership skills that unlock team performance and transform an organization even during times of uncertainty.
  • Embrace and leverage change: Harness Jordan’s inspiring and actionable “Choose Change” leadership method. This method moves leaders from feeling like victims of change to becoming the force of it, resulting in both personal and organizational growth.
  • Unlock profitable growth: Reveal an easy-to-implement, repeatable process that drives profitability, sustained business success, and out-pacing competitors and the market.
  • Overcome resistance to change: Learn actionable strategies that transition leaders from resisting change to proactively choosing it, empowering them to lead beyond adversity and improve the organization's performance.
  • Design a culture of resilience: Understand the tools that cultivate a workplace environment that promotes and celebrates resilience, boosting employee mental health, engagement, and retention.
Events with Jordan aren't just a one-and-done—this is not a transactional experience. Jordan engages with organizations every step of the way
to ensure audience outcomes and transformations are lasting.

Kick-Off Call

We’ll plan a kick-off call with key stakeholders to understand pain points, desired outcomes, and objectives to create relevant content for attendees.


During the discovery phase, Jordan will talk to members of your organization and research industry insights to develop an experience that resonates with your group’s needs.

Review Call

If needed, we’ll set up an extra conference call before the event to finalize and confirm the program’s content to make sure it aligns with your goals.


Jordan will deliver an actionable and inspiring talk that gives attendees the tools they need to make significant change and progress in the months and years following the event.


The talk is just one part of the experience. Each client receives a copy of the keynote presentation and additional free content to amplify the impact.

Debrief Call

We’ll set up a final debrief call with key stakeholders after the event to unpack the experience, discuss feedback, and provide additional support.
01  |  Fresh Perspective

Jordan stands out because he’s from a younger generation, which lets him bridge the generational gap. Because of his unique and alternative perspective, he gives organizations new information and fresh perspectives that their people haven’t thought about yet but that will move them in a positive direction.

02  |  Preparation

It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to plan an event. Jordan doesn’t take this lightly. He spends several hours preparing a well-crafted, unique experience to make it a worthwhile investment. Jordan goes the extra mile to understand current industry trends, unpack the most relevant research, and empathize with each organization to meet them where they are on their journey. Because no two organizations are the same, customization is at the heart of Jordan’s process.

03  |  Headache Free

From the first point of contact to the final debrief call, our goal is to create a seamless, headache-free experience for you and your team. You can expect Jordan and our team to be communicative, punctual, and flexible to help you plan a successful event. Our promise is ease.

04  |  Personable

Jordan is not one to put himself above other people. People say that his experiences are like having a profound conversation with their best friend or older brother, full of warmth, safety, and sincerity. Jordan shares from an open heart and sets an intention to connect with everyone on a personal level.

Lead Through Adversity

Expand Your Mind
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