1-1-1: Sorry, I Made A Mistake, And I Need To Be Honest

Jordan Tarver
June 6, 2024

I need to be honest with you. When I launched my new newsletter, I originally had this idea to write about something to help you grow, smile, and believe. However, I noticed I wasn't as excited about the idea as I once imagined, and I made the mistake of continuing it past the point that I knew I wasn't connecting with it.

I've been being called to more depth in my work and life, and that original idea wasn't giving me the depth I'm here to offer.

So, I'm shifting the newsletter a bit to:

  • One thing to help you think
  • One thing to help you grow
  • One thing to help you expand

I believe this will bring more depth to the work and more value to you, which is my ultimate goal with all of my content.

Let this serve as a reminder that you're human, and it's absolutely okay to change your mind. Doing something you no longer align with is a disservice to yourself and those around you. Follow your enthusiasm, and watch your life flourish.

Thank you for reading this week!

One Thing to Help You Think

Most of the time, when people talk about “being your best version,” it assumes you’re in a good place. But there’s a lot to be said about being your best version on your worst days.

There’s not one version of yourself that’s the “best.” Your best version changes day to day depending on what you’re capable of giving in a single moment.

When life knocks me off track, these are three simple steps I use to show up as my best self and ones you can use too:

  1. Give yourself what you need: Life depends on how you care for yourself, not how hard you push yourself.​
  2. Release any guilt and make it easy: You're already having a hard day, don't make it any harder.
  3. Speak up and ask for help: When you ask for help, you open the doors of love and support.

What do you do in your worst days to make it through?


One Thing to Help You Grow

Resilience is the antidote to anxiety.

During every challenge, the universe calls on you to be resilient. Your capacity to respond and recover quickly makes all the difference.

Instead of becoming powerless to the obstacles you face, connect with your inner courage that empowers you to show up as the version of yourself who's capable of overcoming what's in your way.


One Thing to Help You Expand

As I went to bed last night, I had this message come through strong, so I wrote it down. It's not necessarily a well-formed, connected thought, but it feels too powerful not to share. Take what resonates, leave what doesn't:

Surrender to receive.

There's possibility in uncertainty.

You don't have to know everything.

When you allow it to happen, you open up to receive it.

Surrender is the "flow."

No expectations = Better than you could imagine

Have faith in uncertainty leading you in the right direction.

You'll arrive somewhere better.

Jordan Tarver

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Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
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