Instant Impact: You Deserve to Find Your Path

Jordan Tarver
June 30, 2022

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I've had several people ask me if my book, You Deserve This Sh!t, will ever be on Audible.

Well, I'm letting the cat out of the bag. It will be available next week!!

Question of the Week

Which describes how you feel most? (Click your answer below.)

😞 Unworthy
🧭 Lost and confused
😴 Unmotivated

I'll share the results in next Thursday's newsletter. Check out the results from last week below!

Four Ideas

One - last week's results.

Last week, I asked you what you value more, future achievements or the present moment.

50% of respondents said, "future achievements," while 50% said, "the present moment."

While you may think future achievements will make you feel content or happy, you will return to a baseline emotional state and immediately want the next achievement. You can thank hedonic adaptation.

However, if you start to find joy and happiness within the present moment—the only thing that's guaranteed—you'll experience more appreciation for when you do achieve something and you won't be so quick to want the next achievement.


Finding your path 101:

  • Follow your curiosity
  • Seek new experiences outside your comfort zone
  • Repeat what interests you

Finding your path is trial and error.

If you hate something, never do it again. If you love something, do more of it.


People often overcomplicate how to live a fulfilling life. It's actually quite simple.

Identify your core values—what you believe to be most important—and take actions that align with those values.

Stop making living a purposeful life more difficult than it should be.


Unpopular opinion:

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never be ready.

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