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My birthday is next month, and I want to give back to the community. For the entire month of July, I’m going to put my book and workbook, Pursuit of Purpose: Find Your Purpose in 30 Days, on a huge sale—nearly 50% off in celebration of my birthday. This is your chance to understand your path, direction, and what you should do with your life. You can learn more at the bottom of this email 🙂

Today, I’m sharing four quotes from the book.

Thank you for reading this week!

Four Ideas


By avoiding the pursuit of purpose, you give self-sabotage permission to steal your life.


The sooner you believe that love from others already exists and let go of how you think people love you, or the lack thereof, the sooner you will bathe in unconditional love.


When you remain open to change, you allow the doors of your life to remain open. Fluidity is key.


The goal of this book is not just to teach you a process that can help you find your purpose—it’s much more than that. The goal is to help you understand the reason you exist, flood your life with fulfillment, identify your north star, and feel in control of your life.

Jordan Tarver
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