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Four Ideas

One – last week’s results.

Last week, I asked you how you would rather fit in to groups around you, by becoming someone you are not to fit the mold of the group, or as your most authentic self.

93% of respondents said, “as my authentic self,” while 7% said, “by becoming someone I am not to fit the mold of the group.”

While seeking approval and acceptance from your peers may be an innate human desire, it’s in your best interests to prioritize learning more about yourself, becoming that person, and attracting others into your life who accept your authentic self.

It’s better to stand out as your most authentic self than conform to the group around you and fit in to a mold that may not be representative of who you truly are.

As the quote goes, “Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.”


Becoming your most authentic self isn’t just about doing what feels honest to you but also not doing what doesn’t feel honest to you.

If you continue to do what doesn’t feel honest to you while stuffing it down and hiding it with what does feel honest to you, that baggage will eventually reveal itself one way or another.


Without identifying your core values, you don’t understand what a meaningful and successful life means.

Some of my core values include kindness, creativity, and communication.


If social media engagement (or lack thereof) affects you personally, then you let a robot (the algorithm) determine your self-worth.

Jordan Tarver
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