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Let’s get right into it this week.

Question of the Week

How would you rather fit into groups around you? (Click your answer below.)

I’ll share the results in next Thursday’s newsletter. Check out the results from last week below!

Four Ideas

One – last week’s results.

Last week, I asked you to choose one of the below situations that sounded most like you. I also mentioned I would recommend a specific book based on your response. Find those recommendations below.

If you struggle with your confidence, read . This book will empower you to master your mind.

If you struggle with believing in yourself, read . This book will help you stop doubting your greatness.

If you struggle living in the present moment, read . This book will widen your perspective and teach you the risks and benefits of living in the present moment.


Life is more fluid when you align yourself with a specific purpose every day. Although finding your purpose may feel like a hefty journey to navigate, you can start by identifying your core values—what you believe to be most important. Some examples include patience, growth, hard work, loyalty, hospitality, etc.

When you understand your core values, you know what you need to fulfill every day to feel a greater sense of meaning.


Spend less time blaming others for not letting you live the life you desire and more time overcoming the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. You should never let self-limiting beliefs control and define your reality.


Stop valuing other people’s opinions more than your own.

Jordan Tarver
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