1-1-1: A Little Hack To Help You Grow Faster

Jordan Tarver
June 13, 2024

Happy Thursdayyyyy!! I hope you're having a great week. I just noticed I turn 30 in ONE MONTH!!

I've been having negative thoughts more often than usual. I'm not really a fan of it tbh, so I've been making an effort to recondition my brain.

I've been trying Tony Robbins' priming exercise this week to start my day, and I've been loving it. I just wanted to share it in case you're interested too!

Thank you for reading this week!

One Thing to Help You Think

Negative emotional patterns create negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts create negative beliefs.

Negative beliefs create negative behavior.

Negative behavior creates your life.

When you start at the root, you influence the entire tree.

What negative emotional patterns are you addicted to that don't let you water your tree of life with love?


One Thing to Help You Grow

It's time to move from "I have to change because something is wrong with me" to "I get to change because it's the roadmap to my future."


One Thing to Help You Expand

The secret recipe for significant growth is not just consistent action but consistent action paired with patience and surrender—or going with the flow.

While action creates momentum, patience and surrender create space for magic to happen and for the universe to unfold your journey.

When you take action, are patient, and surrender to the journey, you don't just make it easier on yourself; you usually arrive somewhere better than you originally wanted.

The magic is waiting to pour in, my friend.

Jordan Tarver

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