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Jordan Tarver
July 28, 2022

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Four Ideas

One - last week's results.

Last week, I asked you if your life lacks joy, gratitude, or time management.

48% of respondents said, "time management," 28% said, "joy," and 24% said, "gratitude."

I promised a specific challenge based on your response. See the challenges below:

Do this if your life lacks time management: Use time blocking, which is setting specific blocks of time in your calendar (with reminders) for individual tasks. Each block of time should only include one task. Work on that task for the entirety of the block or until you finish, whichever comes first. Then, move onto your next task.

Do this if your life lacks joy: Brainstorm a list of everything that brings you joy in life or that once brought you joy that you don't do anymore. Experiences on your joy list can be big or small. Going on a hike or making a cup of coffee. Do one thing on your list every day.

Do this if your life lacks gratitude: Implement a daily gratitude journaling practice. Answer these five statements:

  1. Something you’re grateful for that happened yesterday
  2. Something you’re grateful for today
  3. One thing you’re looking forward to today
  4. Someone you’re grateful for from your childhood
  5. One seemingly insignificant item you’re grateful for that’s in front of you


The 1 in 60 rule states that for every 1 degree a pilot is off track from its departure, after 60 miles they will be 1 mile off course.

In 1979, Air New Zealand flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus in Antarctica, killing all 279 souls on board. This was a result of a two-degree change in the original flight path.

This small, incremental change placed the aircraft 28 miles to the east of where the pilots thought they were, which meant flying right into Mount Erebus

Alignment would have spared those lives.

Life works the same. Being out of alignment with what you desire misleads you, while being in alignment leads you toward your desired destination.

Whether you’re flying a plane or setting out to live your desired life, alignment is nonnegotiable.


People underestimate the power of asking for help.

Five years ago, I was sitting in my cubicle crunching numbers at a mortgage lending company. As I grabbed the yellow Cafe Bustello coffee tin from the metal filing cabinet that my knees jockeyed with beneath the desk, a wave of "I can't keep doing this" came over me.

I need to do something I love if I'm going to work the rest of my life, I thought to myself.

Fortunately, I was aware of my passion at the time—writing—and my brother had some freelance experience.

I decided to ask for his help with navigating that world and landing some clients to build up a portfolio of work to hopefully one day secure a full-time gig.

He agreed.

Fast forward to today—I make a living doing what I love as a result of asking one question.

Don't underestimate the power of asking for help and how it can align your life.


Three questions that will help you find your passions:

  1. How would you spend your time if money wasn't a necessity?
  2. What is one topic you can talk about endlessly?
  3. What drains you and steals your energy? (These are things to rule out.)

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