Instant Impact: Simple Journal Exercise To Manifest In 2024

Jordan Tarver
January 4, 2024

Happy New Year! I just want to say, that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by everyone telling you to change your life at the top of the year, this is your permission to take it slow.

While Jan. 1 can be motivation to change something about your life, the best thing about life is you can make a change at any moment. So if you’re in a season right now where you’re being called to rest, listen to that. Waiting a month or two to focus on your personal growth is okay, especially if it’s going to make change more realistic 🙂

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P.S. Need to smile? Check out the Something to Make You Smile section near the bottom.

Thank you for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Resentment makes you hurt more—the first to forgive wins.


Try this two-part journal exercise I did to start the year:

1) 2023 has come and gone. It has served me in ways that put me in a place to step into the highest version of myself. But as I step into 2024, I demand the following to be removed and let go from my life:

  • Make a bullet list of what you want to let go of and then burn this list in a safe place

2) 2024 is an eight-year. This means it’s bound to be expansive, abundant, and magnetic. With that in mind, I am manifesting the following:

  • Make a bullet list of your manifestations for 2024. For each manifestation, use the phrase, “I am so happy and grateful now that [insert manifestation].
  • DON’T burn this. Keep it and look back on it throughout the year.


Nothing is personal, everything is information.

What would happen if you looked at life through this lens? Would you respond and react differently? Would you free yourself from frustration and tension? Would you create more inner peace?

A simple mindset shift can save you.


Be less worried about what others think of you and more focused on becoming who you’re capable of being.

Something to Make You Smile😂

My wife’s birthday is December 31, which means she shares it with NYE and has a friendly neighbor also known as Christmas. Growing up, her parents always did a great job at making sure her birthday felt separate from the other holidays. Her parents passed the torch to me when we first started dating seven years ago.

It’s truly my greatest honor to celebrate her birthday and make her feel extra special. This year I put together a surprise fairy-tale-esque birthday table spread. She was FLOORED (and honestly so was I)! It was so fun seeing her reaction when she came downstairs in the morning. Watch it below! I hope it inspires you to do thoughtful things for the people you love 🙂

Click here to watch her reaction!


Jordan Tarver
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