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Jordan Tarver
January 18, 2024

I need your help! I’m doing a quick community social experiment on Instagram, and I specifically want to hear from you 🙂

Can you please take 1 minute to comment on the video link below with where in the world you’re tuning in from? We’re getting close to 100 comments—you could be the one that helps us hit 100!!

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P.S. Need to smile? Check out the Something to Make You Smile section near the bottom.

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Four Ideas


Love is the antidote to fear.


There’s always a chance for a miracle.

The Universe does not work linearly, so your life doesn’t have to either.

You never know what one decision, one shift, one change can lead to. Be open to the possibility of everything changing in an instant.


Your emotions are your most accurate signposts.

They show you exactly what you need to shift and change in your life to grow and create more peace. For example, when you feel an uncomfortable emotion like frustration, stress, or anger, it’s a sign that something wants to shift to ease the tension.

When you feel an uncomfortable emotion, instead of letting it take you over or become your mood (because an emotion is not a mood, an emotion becomes a mood when you identify with it), choose to ask questions—choose to look for things it’s asking you to shift to ease the discomfort.

Your emotional awareness is your competitive edge.


When you look at your life as a game of learning about yourself to experience more alignment, self-reflection becomes the cheat code that unlocks exponential growth.

Something to Make You Smile😂

My wife told me she didn’t want to plan her 30th birthday at the end of last year, so I said game on. I spent over a month planning this huge surprise for her birthday, and she was SHOOK. I’ve never seen her so speechless before. Watch her reaction below and see what I planned! (The video has been seen by nearly 300,000 people and counting.)

Click here to smile 🙂

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