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Four Ideas


Sometimes people don’t want advice—they just want to be heard.

Hold space.


I’m preparing for a keynote on Feb. 2, and I have a goal to perform 21 full run throughs before the event. So far I’ve completed two, which leaves me 22 days to complete 19 more.

Last night, I felt unprepared and nervous—it felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Then I took a step back and realized that’s because I’m at the beginning of this stage of preparation.

After showing up consistently every day for the next 22 days, I will be more than ready, and I will have done more than enough.

This is perhaps even more true in your own life.

If you want to make progress, create significant results, become successful, don’t worry about how you feel on day one of taking action. Relish in how you’ll feel after you show up every day for X amount of days.

Consistency breeds confidence.


The best north star: good intentions.


Teams and companies are a reflection of their leaders.

Teams and companies are a product of their leaders’ character.

Teams and companies stop growing when the leaders in them stop growing.

Jordan Tarver
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