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Instant Impact: You Deserve Control of Your Life

I hope you are having a great start to February! I feel a lot of expansive energy for you this month. Be intention with your actions and open to what you attract. Great things are on the way—I’m sure of it.

Thanks for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Focusing on your destination and process is like investing in two different stocks—they both pose different levels of risk.

Focusing on your destination poses more risk because it’s a future output—a result—something that you can partially control through your inputs. However, there’s no telling that your output—or destination—will be exactly what you envision even when you are in control of your inputs. The future is untold and, for the most part, out of your control—focusing on something out of control is energy wasted.

Focusing on the process, however, is more secure because it’s an input, something that is completely in your control. Your inputs—or the work you put in—are absolutes that you can guarantee because they are actions in the present moment, not the future.

As much as you may want to obsess over your destination, you’re better off focusing on the process—your inputs—and trusting that what you put in will guide you toward where you belong. It may be far better than the original destination you had in mind anyway.

Invest in what you can control.


Self-limiting beliefs are smoke and mirrors. They are false beliefs disguised as distorted truths derived from old stories, outdated conceptions, and assumptions about yourself, others, the world, and life that limit you from doing what you desire.

It’s always in your power to rewrite those stories—doing so will get you unstuck and bring you personal freedom.


Be less of who they want you to be and more of yourself.

Authenticity is your birthright.


My 3 biggest secrets to journaling:

  1. Use a time limit not a page limit
  2. Leave your journal out in plain sight so you don’t forget about it
  3. Write at the same time and place every day so you know when and where to act
Jordan Tarver
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