Instant Impact: Self-Belief And… A Baby Gorilla??

Jordan Tarver
February 22, 2024

I just want to say that I’m proud of the person you’re becoming. Keep going – you can do hard things ❤️

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Four Ideas


The only thing keeping you from becoming who you want to be is your lack of self-belief. When you focus on building self-belief, you build a foundation for success.

Belief inspires courage, courage creates action despite fear, and action becomes results.


The most powerful choice you can make is the choice to change.

Most often, we feel like the victim of change. It’s as if we’re just floating through life reacting to whatever we’re blindsided by next. The world around us seems to be creating our future instead of us creating it for ourselves.

But what if we could change that?

We can.

When you deliberately choose change instead of resisting it, you move from feeling like the victim of change to becoming the force of it.

Change starts to happen for you, not to you.

Make the choice.


Lead with kindness, offer compassion, and love all. What else do we need?


You always can choose how you respond to a situation.

That choice determines your experience.

Is it really worth the frustration? Will it matter in two days?

Keep your best interests in mind.

Something to Make You Smile😂

At the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, doctors had to perform a rare emergency c-section on a gorilla mom. I just about forgot to finish writing my newsletter because the photos of the baby gorilla are everything!!

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