Instant Impact: A Bonus For You This Week

Jordan Tarver
November 19, 2021

This newsletter was originally sent on February 11, 2021.

Hey there,

Thanks for reading this week, and welcome to our new peeps in the community. I'm grateful for everyone who opens this email, and I'm happy I have the opportunity to make an instant impact on your day.

Guess what? The first major announcement for my new book, You Deserve This Sh!t, is happening next week! Keep those eyes peeled and be the first to hear updates by joining the waitlist.

Now, let's get to business.

Four Ideas


If today was a shitty day, let it go. Tomorrow is a blank canvas. Paint it with purpose.


Ask yourself: What's standing in between me and the best version of myself?


Your kidness and positivity can change or save someone's life. Don't keep it within your heart. Offer it to someone else's.


You’re feeling lost, confused, or stuck, huh?

You’re probably struggling with where to start to get out of your funk, and you’re just looking for some support.

First, don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel frustrated on your path and like you’re about ready to throw the towel in and give up.

Second, it’s my job to make the journey of finding yourself uncomplicated, enjoyable, and without any pressure. Read my latest article if you’re ready to get unstuck and find your path.

Best,Jordan TarverAuthor of You Deserve This Sh!t


Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
He’s transformed over 30,000 lives through his book, amassed more than 200,000 devoted followers, and garnered over 60 million views online. Jordan is on a mission to empower people and organizations to unlock exponential growth and expansive possibilities.

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