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Hey friend,

First off, I want to welcome you to this piece of work I have been developing for the last two months. It started as an idea, a small idea. An Idea I didn’t have much passion for. But day by day I realized it was an aspect of my life I absolutely cared about.

It became something I wanted to put my mind to. Throughout this development, I had a realization that this blog had the opportunity to become something much bigger than I originally imagined. It could be a way I could not only open and challenge my mind, but also hopefully do the same to yours. 

Throughout these upcoming writings, I will be sharing personal experiences, personal lessons, and different variables of valuable aspects of life. My hope is to challenge you to think, encourage you to learn, and influence you to adapt. Along with that, I am excited to create connections and genuine relationships with people through the sharing of these variables. Whether we have met each other or not, I would like to involve you. 

So, friend, come along for the ride because this marks the beginning. The beginning of something that I hold very close to me. Something that I have always seen as a way to build our personalities and our character. Something that puts us in situations, and presents us with challenges, which we have never experienced before. You may be thinking to yourself what is this “something?”

Well, I call it my journey, and I welcome you.

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