Instant Impact: The Secret To Accessing Abundance

Jordan Tarver
December 7, 2023

I hope you’re having a great end to your year and are looking forward to the holidays! A couple of weeks ago I shared a personal invite to my free Instagram broadcast channel where I share inspirational content and exclusive behind-the-scene updates… AND I PASTED THE WRONG LINK lol.

SO, if you want to join, click here (this is the right link this time).

P.S. Need to smile? Check out the Something to Make You Smile section near the bottom.

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Four Ideas


Abundance is something that we all crave, whether an abundance of ideas, love, money, time, or freedom. However, we struggle to believe that we have access to the abundance that will set us free. We think abundance is conditional on something or someone outside of ourselves. Some of us may even think we’re not good enough for it.

But the truth is, you can access abundance with a simple shift of your awareness.

You are an extension of the abundance that created the world, and it lives within your mind, body, and spirit. When you look within, you connect to an endless flow of abundance that gives you everything you ever need access to.

Abundance is always present in your life; the key is becoming aware of it. You don’t have to wait for it to show up because it’s already here.


You’re one thought away from seeing a universe that cares for you.


Your emotions are not a weakness; they are information. Your emotions often point to something ready to heal or shift.

Instead of ignoring your emotions, how free would you feel if you felt them without putting yourself down?


There’s only one way to change your life, and that’s making a conscious choice to do something different today so that tomorrow becomes something new.

Something to Make You Smile😂

One of my love languages is random acts of kindness or doing thoughtful things for the people I love. There’s nothing better than doing something thoughtful for the sole purpose of making someone happy.

Leading up to our wedding, I wrote my wife, Nicolle, a letter on the 22nd day of every month (our wedding date) and surprised her with nine letters during our closing wedding speech. It’s something we’ll cherish forever!

Here’s a glimpse at that journey 🙂


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