Instant Impact: You Deserve Clarity In 2022

Jordan Tarver
December 30, 2021

Well, it's been a whirlwind of a few days trying to get back home to Seattle.

Our flight on Tuesday was delayed twice, and then eventually cancelled 10 minutes before the departure due to weather in the PNW. Of course, there were no flights the following day, so we had to settle for a flight today. Crossing our fingers we can make it home for my fiancés birthday on NYE.

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Four Ideas


Discovering yourself is about becoming more rooted in your values, in your character, in your soul. When you're connected to your unique individuality, nothing can knock you off track. Life's moments of unpleasantness and difficulty will pass you like a breeze gently wisping by your ear—not even causing a flinch.

Grow the roots of your identity so when life wants you to feel like you're losing, you already know that you won the greatest challenge of them all—understanding the deepest parts of your soul.


Believe that you belong right where you are, whether it's where you currently want to be or not. Everything in life happens for a reason, so trust that your current positioning on your path is exactly where you should be in this moment.


So, you feel a bit anxious about the new year. Maybe there's some sort of external pressure humming in the back of your mind making you think you need to reinvent your entire identity in the spirit of becoming a better person.

Let me be the one to tell you, you don't have to do that—I give you permission to not reinvent yourself.

Self-growth is about becoming a better person, not a new person. Instead of trying to figure out how to be a new flashy version of yourself, simplify your approach.

Double down on your strengths and explore your weaknesses, insecurities, and fears. The curiosity of both will help you continue to develop the current you.


There's only one person that's in control of your mental well-being 24/7—and that's you. The way you talk to yourself will create the role you play in the development of your mindset.

Choose positive self-talk, and you'll become your biggest supporter.

Choose negative self-talk, and you'll become your own worst enemy.

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