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Instant Impact: You Deserve Clarity In 2022

Well, well, well, we’ve made it into single digits: 9 days until 2022. I don’t know about you, but I have expansive feelings about the upcoming year. You’re going to level up. It’s your year to write your new story.

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Four Ideas


Fall in love with the effort; let go of the results. Trust that your dedication to the work will attract what belongs to you.


Stop seeing challenges as roadblocks and start seeing them as an opportunity to showcase your superpower—resilience.


If you’re tired of living with the pain that comes with a lack of clarity, take this as your sign to invest in getting to know the most important person in your life—yourself.

Start to ask yourself questions that help you understand all edges of your character, which, in turn, will make it easier to live aligned with your core values. The right questions can be the pick axe that uncovers your greatest discoveries.



Don’t take life too seriously: This is your reminder to schedule in play.

Jordan Tarver
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