Dear Frontliners,

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There was a point in your life where you made a commitment. A commitment to years of education, training and contact hours, care for others, working around the clock, courage, and a hell of a lot of patience. There aren’t many people like you.

You are beautifully unique.

You’re capable of making other people’s problems and health issues a priority, when we all know you have your own life to manage too. You’ve chosen to help others because you’re rooted in caring for people and giving them an opportunity to live a healthy life, or even a second chance.

What would we do without you?

It’s times like these that bring your work to the foreground, however, you’ve been tirelessly working on fulfilling your commitment far before now. People become aware of your importance to our communities, to our world.

Our civilization starts to realize we couldn’t live without you. You preach health awareness, strive to show people a path to recovery, and let us revive our beautiful lives when we lose hope.

Frontliners, you are our world’s true north. You guide us back to life when our bodies want to give up. You are the light we need in those moments.

But above all, you’ve done one incredibly selfless act:

You’ve sacrificed your time for others.


With love,


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