Let Life Call the Shots

Jordan Tarver
October 5, 2016

Quick Takes:

  • Let life call the shots
  • The world isn't supposed to manifest in direct correlation to your preferences
  • Book Recommendation: The Surrender Experiment

Ready, set,

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Shit, wake up. Coffee. Eggs. Brush teeth. Surf. Drink left-over coffee. Shower. Write. Eat. Excercise. Write, more. Eat. Relax. Sleep.

Routine? Check.

It's always refreshing to get back into the groove of life. It always nice to re-implement aspects that you lived without during a recent period of your life. Those aspects vary from each person, as we all aren't on the exact same track. For the last week and a half, I couldn't get the word "routine" out of my head. For some reason, it felt like life was telling me I needed to assess its meaning to my daily life.

Knock, Knock, Knock. Can you hear it? I can. It felt as if there was an opportunity knocking at my front door. But, in this case, it was knocking on my noggin. So, recently I have been re-implementing a routine into my daily life. The sole purpose? Avoiding a mental plateau and continuously pushing the capacity of my skill set.

Letting Life Call the Shots

Have you ever thought about letting go of your personal preferences? Sounds wrong, doesn't it? Recently, I have begun to do this myself throughout my daily life. I needed to stop believing the world around me is supposed to manifest in direct correlation with my personal preferences. As Michael A. Singer explains in The Surrender Experiment, "This is an extremely difficult way to live, and it is the reason we feel that we are always struggling with life."

So, while being currently invested in Singer's experiment, I have begun to go with the flow of life, rather than with my preferences. Furthermore, I began to let life call the shots. It is actually a lot more simple than I had imagined. Surrendering to this lifestyle has naturally brought a routine back into the equation of my life. I went from not knowing what I was going to do throughout the day, sometimes resulting in 0% productivity, to absolutely killing each day with copious amounts of motivation and drive.

0% you ask? Shameful, I know.

This made me reflect on a point I had made in the past regarding the removal of routine. After living for roughly four months with no structured routine whatsoever, I have come to see the qualities I gained during that period of my life becoming prominent as life naturally creates my new daily routine.

Routine + Motivation = Happiness ---> Success

Now that I have decided to let life call the shots, I have a full-fledged daily routine. Hmm, not bad. Actually, it's great. I was always skeptical about returning to a life with a structured routine after being away from that aspect for an extended period of time. However, I regret that skepticism.

I gave you a quick glimpse at my routine already. Actually, so quick it may sound a little hectic. But, believe me, it has actually pushed me in a direction that is leading to some amazing productivity. However, it wasn't just the routine that did this for me, but it was also attaining the motivation to reach goals I had made for the foreseeable future. How did I attain this motivation, you ask? Simple, work toward a goal that involves your biggest life passions and ones that will add purpose to your life each and every day.

With these two factors, routine and motivation, I have been able to reach a new level of happiness. Through the constant daily "grind" of working to complete my 100-day goal, the progress that has been made is heading in a positive direction. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but when it appears it is going to be bright.

So, therefore, if you combine your routine with your motivation, you will see a result of happiness because you are simply making progress to complete your goal. To me, that means you have reached some sort of level of success. Cheers!


Recently, I have been reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer, which I completely recommend to each and every one of you. As I was reading each page, I was getting spooked out. Spooked by a book, you ask? Yes, actually. I don't want to ruin it for you because I have hopes you're going read it soon enough, but the voice he was hearing in his mind and the self-awareness he was experiencing is exactly what I have been going through. It would have been almost dumb of me to not follow along with his experiment and let life call the shots. So, as I said above, I began to let life call the shots, and it has led me down a road with opportunities I could have never imagined.


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