7 Best Outdoor Fire Pits 2021

Jordan Tarver
May 18, 2021

Are you looking for an outdoor fire pit that gives you the best roaring flames for your outdoor gatherings or camping trips? Well, there are many options. As a responsible consumer, you need to look at the product’s environment-friendliness, portability, durability, and fuel efficiency. I’ve done the legwork for you, though, to save you the time and hassle of researching every outdoor fire pit on the market. 

The six best outdoor fire pits are:

solo stove bonfire portable fire pit

Solo Stove Bonfire: Overall Best Outdoor Fire Pit


  • Trademarked 360-degrees airflow design offers maximized flames with no smoke
  • High-quality SS304-grade stainless steel makes it highly durable and easy-to-carry
  • Highly fuel-efficient with its double-walled structure


  • Does not include an all-weather cover
  • Its canister design is such that the heat is mostly contained above the fire pit & doesn’t radiate

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The Solo Stove Bonfire is the best smokeless, outdoor wood-burning fire pit. Its trademarked 360-degree airflow design helps create a highly enjoyable flame without the smoke. Its double-wall structure draws the air in from the bottom and feeds the heated oxygen to the top. The result is a super-efficient secondary burn. The process involves nearly no smoke and leaves with minimal ash to clean.

The internal structure of this outdoor wood fire pit involves an ash pan. It resists the transfer of heat from the Bonfire to the ground beneath it. The precision base plate ensures that the oxygen goes directly to embers from below, prompting the biofuel to burn faster and hotter. A premium quality stainless steel fire ring keeps the flame centered and even. With 20 pounds of weight, the product is highly portable.

Weight: 20 pounds

Dimensions: 19.5” x 17.5” x 14”

bio lite fire put, best smokeless fire pits

BioLite FirePit: Best for Portability


  • The upgraded design makes the product heat-radiating, durable, and easy to clean
  • It can be used both as a fire pit and a grill
  • Recreates the exact effects of a crackling campfire without any smoke at all


  • There are reports of the fan being loud
  • Issues noted with the charging of the battery pack

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The BioLite FirePit is one of the best outdoor fire pits available, offering hyper-efficient crackling flames with no smoke at all. The patented airflow technology of the product makes the combustion complete and efficient. The product comes with an X-ray mesh body that adds to the heating-spread of the product without letting the sparks fly around wildly. 

One of the most enticing aspects of the product is its convertibility, which makes it perfect for use on a campsite. By lifting the fuel rack and tossing charcoal into the fire pit, you can quickly turn it into a portable hibachi-style grill (grill gates included). 

The high-temperature enamel coating of the product makes it highly durable and easy to clean. The upgraded body design helps to radiate the heat outward. You can control the size of the flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth application that comes with it. 

Weight: 19.8 pounds

Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 15.8"

Bali Outdoor Fire Pit: Best for Outdoor Decks


  • Safe and Canadian Standards Association approved product complemented with modern stylish design
  • It can be converted into a casual bar
  • Two-year warranty


  • Ranks low on portability
  • Installation is difficult with grounding wire

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The Bali Outdoor Fire Pit is one of the most efficient outdoor propane fire pits available, and it's the largest outdoor fire pit on this list. It works as a propane fire pit table with a bowl and burner made of high-quality stainless steel. The fire pit table is 30 inches tall and offers the perfect fire without generating ashes. 

One of the most attractive aspects of this pit is its convertibility. The cover lid makes it possible to convert the propane outdoor fire pit table into a casual bar when not in use. It comes with four replaceable wood grain ceramic tiles that you can conveniently replace any time you want. This tabletop fire pit becomes complete with a wide wicker designed stamped steel base making it a perfect choice as an outdoor living-space centerpiece.

Weight: 68 pounds

Dimensions: 30”x30”x25”

Solo Stove Ranger: Best for Camping


  • One of the top-ranking products for portability; extremely lightweight 
  • Offers a smoke-free ambiance 
  • Fuel efficient. Four to six logs up to 12 inches long are enough


  • It does not include an all-weather cover
  • The outer surface gets extremely hot while in use

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The Solo Stove Ranger’s portability is its most enticing feature. Weighing in at only 15 pounds, you can bring it wherever you like with utmost ease. Made of high-quality SS304 stainless steel, its compact size makes it easy to carry and use. The trademarked 360-degrees airflow design ensures the most efficient burn resulting in minimal smoke. 

This outdoor wood-burning fire pit does not require any additional accessories to run. Just add logs up to 12 inches long and start enjoying a roaring fire. Although designed primarily as an outdoor wood fire pit, you can use it to cook pit friendly foods such as marshmallows and hot dogs.

Weight: 15 pounds

Dimensions: 13”x12.5”x15”

KINGSO: Best for Affordability


  • Highly lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It can also be converted to a BBQ grill
  • Spark screen and fire poker make handling easy and safe


  • Requires assembling first
  • It is not stainless steel

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Made of alloy steel, the KINGSO fire pit is one of the most affordable outdoor fire pits on the market. Its sturdy construction comprises durable steel frames and a black heat-resistant coating. It is weather-resistant, can bear large volumes of loads, and is protected from rust. 

If you need to cook, you can convert the pit into a barbecue grill. The pit comes with a spark-resistant screen, helping you avoid sparks, embers, or debris from flying around. It also comes with a wood-handled poker that you can leverage to safely move the wood or charcoal around. 

Weight: 12.27 pounds

Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 20”

JHY Design Fire Bowl Pot: Best for a Tabletop


  • Easy and economical with clean-burning bio-ethanol as fuel
  • Can be used as an elegant decorative piece
  • One-month full-refund trial period and lifetime customer service


  • Not fit for use in rooms smaller than 700 cubic ft. (20m³)
  • Movement of the pit is not recommended while lit 

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The most unique thing about the JHY tabletop fire pit is that it uses smokeless, odorless, clean-burning bio-ethanol as fuel. The dancing flames are protected behind a transparent high-temperature resistant glass that enables you to get a 360-degree.

The structure includes a sleek black metal base, a removable cylindrical glass body, and reusable asbestos, which is perfect for the product’s longevity and sustainability. It does not suffer from the issues of melting wax, smoke, soot, and ash. It’s a ready-to-use product. Just unbox, light it up, and keep it outdoors, on your dinner, party, or coffee table for an amazing fire and warmth. 

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Dimensions: 6.5” x 11.5” x 6.5”

How I Evaluated the Best Outdoor Fire Pits

When evaluating the best outdoor fire pits, I took into account the amount of smoke the fire pit produces, its size and portability, the cost, and its versatility. Be sure to compare all of these factors when choosing your outdoor fire pit. The fire pit that provides the best mix of these factors is typically the best outdoor fire pit for you.

Bottom Line

How do you select one from these amazing pits? The easiest way would be to prioritize your needs. Do you value portability? Or, do you want something that can also be turned into a grill or a casual bar? Each of your priorities has an appropriate match, which you can find in this list.


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