Instant Impact: You Deserve to Be In Control

Jordan Tarver
August 4, 2022

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Question of the Week

When you think of changing your life, do you think you need to make big or small shifts and changes? (Click below to submit your response.)

1️⃣ Big shifts and changes
2️⃣ Small shifts and changes

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Four Ideas

One - last week's results.

Last week, I asked what you were interested in learning about most: gratitude, overcoming negative thinking, or optimizing your health.

Here are podcasts I recommend for each topic:

If you want to understand how gratitude can change your life, listen to The Science of Gratitude with Andrew Huberman.

If you want to know how to end negative thinking, listen to Jay Shetty's episode with Big Sean.

If you want to easily optimize your health, listen to Using Light to Optimize Health with Andrew Huberman.


This is your reminder that the Universe has never failed you. You are supported in everything you do. The challenges you face on your path happen for a reason. Trust that every obstacle is a gift.


Focus on what you can control:

  1. Your energy
  2. Your mindset
  3. Your choices
  4. Your perspective
  5. Your thoughts


Every experience has two sides to the coin: a positive or negative outcome.

When you face an obstacle, you must become solution oriented versus problem oriented. What you focus on grows. If you focus on the problem, you breathe life into feeling broken.

However, focus on the solution and what you can make, take, and learn from your current situation, and you'll find a path toward revival.

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