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Jordan Tarver
August 31, 2023

So Nicolle (my fiancé) and I were driving back from our wedding venue walkthrough (getting married in September!!) and realized every long drive has similar phases.

First, you’re talking about your dreams. Then, before you know it, you’re belting your favorite nostalgic songs. Quickly after that, you’re onto talking about weird topics until you reach a point where you’re tired of each other. But then you stuff your face with food and catch a second wind for the end of the drive.

Can anyone relate??? I posted a video about this a few weeks ago 😂

Thank you for reading this week!

Four Ideas


Growth and healing happen when you recognize and break a pattern that doesn’t serve you or those around you, like the people you love.


If you feel like you’re reacting to life, develop self-awareness to shape your reality with conscious intent.


What you say is a wish, but what you do is a promise.


My favorite underrated love languages:

1) Unexpected 30-second hugs
2) Being present when talking with each other
3) Random bouquets of flowers just because
4) Cooking meals together
5) Supporting each other to chase our dreams
6) Handwritten love letters
7) Taking out the cat litter without being asked 😂

Jordan Tarver
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