Instant Impact: You're Feeling Lost? This Is for You

Jordan Tarver
November 23, 2021

This newsletter was originally sent on August 19, 2021.

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Four Ideas


If you're having trouble finding your purpose, focus on finding your passions first.

Your passions will often reveal your purpose.


This is your warning: Beware of your complacency.

Complacency is a sickness that keeps you stagnant on your journey.

Instead of striving to be complacent and comfortable, choose to be courageous.


You're not lost if you haven't started. Stop complaining before investing in the work.


If you’ve been half-assing something you desire for your life, this is your sign to take it seriously.

Stop waiting around for things to happen to you and start making them happen yourself.

You Deserve This Quote

A quote from my new book, You Deserve This Sh!t:

"Mindset matters."

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Jordan Tarver is a lead editor at Forbes, a keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of You Deserve This Sh!t.
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