Instant Impact: Free Yourself From What Holds You Back

Jordan Tarver
April 28, 2022

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Four Ideas

One - last week's results.

Last week, I asked you, "What holds you back more in life, self-limiting beliefs or judgment from others?"

65% of respondents said, "self-limiting beliefs" while the other 35% said, "judgment from others."

First, you can overcome self-limiting beliefs by identifying them and creating empowering core beliefs for each individual self-limiting belief. Empowering core beliefs are the reverse of your self-limiting beliefs and become your daily affirmations that help rewire your subconscious mind. So, for example, let’s say you have the self-limiting belief, “I’m not enough.” The empowering core belief could be “I am enough.”

Second, if judgment from others holds you back, let me be the one to remind you that people are not judging you as you may think. As a matter of fact, people are most likely not even thinking about you the way you think they are. They often are thinking about how you're thinking of them.


Replace “I have to” with “I get to". This is a sign of gratitude that will help you appreciate your life more.


The easiest way to break a bad habit or build a good one is to prime your environment. Remove the triggers that cause the bad habit and add what influences the good habit. You shouldn't expect to change your life without changing your surroundings.


One question to ask yourself if you desire finding your passion: What fills me up with enthusiasm?

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