Instant Impact: You Deserve To Let Go Of Your Past

Jordan Tarver
April 27, 2023

I'm going through a big positive shift right now in my life, and part of that is a calling to be more vulnerable with you.

You'd probably be surprised to know our journeys are more alike than you think. I deal with a lot of the same struggles you do.

I'm going to start being more open about this stuff in hopes that I can help guide you on your journey even more than I have in the past. Much love

Thank you for reading this week!

Four Ideas


It doesn't always have to be the way it's been.

There needs to come a point in life where you decide to stop letting your past define your future. The permission you give your past to dictate your current reality is a limiting permission slip to sign. We must get to a place where our past doesn't define our future but informs how we want our future to look.

Accept your past for what it is and understand you have the power let go of it.


People fear discomfort and crave complacency, but it should be the opposite. While discomfort is expansive, complacency is limiting.

Why seek a way of life that doesn't let you live life to the fullest?



Embrace more of who you are without worrying about what others think.


Living life on autopilot is like driving to a new destination with no directions.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone is on autopilot, or, in other words, just going through the motions. As a result, our society is stuck in neutral, fractured, and teetering on the edge of survival.

Because of this reality, we face a pivotal crossroad. We can either have a sense of agency and initiate change or let our lack of ownership and responsibility become our slow and silent killer.

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