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I’m back from vacation, and here’s on reminder worth sharing: Don’t forget to prioritize rest. You need to recharge to be your best version, both for yourself and others.

Thanks for reading this week!

Question of the Week

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Four Ideas

One – last week’s results.

Last week, I asked you, “What does “life purpose” mean?

Over 85% of respondents said, “The reason for which you do something.”

Your purpose is the reason for which you do something; it is not the activities and hobbies that you love most.

While your purpose is the reason you make specific decisions and actions, your passions are the activities, hobbies, and ways you choose to spend your time to feel fulfilled.

Think of it this way, your passions are the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, and your purpose is the gas that motivates you to keep moving forward.

For example, my purpose is not writing; writing is one of my passions. My purpose is to heal people through my creativity. This is the reason behind why I write—the gas that moves my vehicle (writing) forward.

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A friendly reminder from my book, :

“Trust what the universe wants you to do. You’re worthy of its guidance.”


Your environment ultimately decides the person you become. If you surround yourself with people, habits, resources, etc. that don’t support who you want to be, it’s near impossible to become that person.

Start to see your environment as the support system for your most authentic version and surround yourself with people, habits, resources, etc. that help develop the person you want to become.


Spend less time comparing yourself to others and more time focusing on what you can do to better your own life.

Don’t get distracted by others when the goal is to improve yourself.

Jordan Tarver
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